Cigarette smoking at new low among youths, survey finds

Electronic cigarettes could hit BAT and Imperial Tobacco harder than expected, say analysts

Danny McGoldrick, vice president for research for the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, credited tobacco taxes, laws limiting where people can smoke and smoking prevention programs with reducing the numbers. However, the surveys show progress has slowed in recent years, with teenage smoking rates falling only slightly from 2011 to 2012. “We need to invest in more of what has worked in the past to accelerate these declines,” McGoldrick said. Other findings from the report included: Birth rates have continued to drop among teenagers, falling for the fourth year in a row, according to preliminary data.
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A look at the evidence behind outdoor smoking bans

Health Canada has sent out letters to nicotine vendors asking them to stop selling the products, and several European countries have recently passed legislation classifying similar products as medical devices, which limits and prevents their sale and purchase. However, though it may seem a legal “gray area,” no retailer has been charged with a crime related to selling electronic cigarettes in Canada. Although they are gaining popularity, there are still many misconceptions surrounding electronic cigarettes.
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Electronic Cigarettes Retailer Vapor Jedi Launches New Canadian Website

So are the electronic cigarettes legal in restaurants and other public areas? We found out some businesses are making their own rules. “We’ve seen them around. We haven’t had a lot of them in here yet,” points out Steve Hollister, the owner of Twisted Vine Bistro, in downtown Fort Myers.
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Non-smoking businesses mixed on E-cigarettes

We estimate the e-cigarette market will grow from $2bn in 2012 to $3bn in 2013 (tobacco is approximately $700bn). In the longer term, the total combined market will shrink at a more rapid rate than most investors envisage as e-cigarettes wean smokers off tobacco, but do not attract new users into the overall category. Winners and losers will emerge, but are hard to predict at this relatively early stage in e-cigarettes’ development, and there will be margin pressure in the short term across the board as companies race for share. This new uncertainty, and the faster long-term decline of tobacco which we predict, should cause investors to reassess their holdings in the sector. Our modelling suggests that tobacco companies will need to win a greater share of e-cigarettes than they have in tobacco to preserve short-term margins: e-cigarette margins will be lower in the early years. The volume decline in the UK tobacco market, for example, could accelerate to as much as 10% compound annual growth rate.
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